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Muakegon 6 12 am
« on: June 12, 2011, 12:15:19 PM »
I got to actually fish today no boat problems other than we probably should have used my boat as it was cold windy and while not big the waves were choppy and nasty. So instead of dry and comfy we were  cold and wet by the time we hit 65ft so we setup there and took our 1st fish on a Hi NRG Moonshine spoon 45 dn on a rigger while setting up. We stayed in that area for a while and then moved out to 75ft on a south troll which was dryer LOL. Took 2 more and then it slowed down one on a rigger 55 dn and one on a 100 copper worked out to 120 and took another fish on a slider  Silver Streak Yellow Tail in 90ft going out found nothing in  120 and it was close to 10 so we decided to troll in till we pulled lines picked our last fish in 85ft on a 300 copper with one of the new Silver Streaks that I did not get a name for.  so ended the day 5 for 5