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Great Lakes Angler Open
« on: July 04, 2011, 07:33:07 AM »
Sat turned out to be canceled due to weather so we ran  on Sun and the weather was great. We had nearly flat water and a nice breeze. The plan I had was to run SW but the entire pack ran north so I joined them. Running NW out of the harbor we started marking fish in the high 15's in around 80 fow so slowed down and by the time we hit the 16's in 120 fow there were lots of fish so we dropped in and had 2 nice fish before we got lines set then we lost a couple and things slowed down so we moved out a little. picked up a couple more and then headed west because of all the deep water reports all week. We went 2 for 3 out deep and worked our way back south and in before we called it a day going 6 for 9. Which was good enough for second place and the first event this year we ran the entire day without major problems thankfully.
1st fish was a 11# king on a double trouble Moonshine 60 dn on a rigger
2nd fish came on one of my flies and a UV Pro Troll flasher 180 back on wire diver
3rd fish was another nice king on the dbl trouble but it took a trip around the wire diver and left with my spoon
4th fish was a nice king on a 150 copper with a Silver Streak UV spoon I don't know the name of
5th fish was a laker on rigger 90 dn Silver Streak spoon don't remember which one as we were changing gear pretty fast trying to find a pattern.
6th fish was a laker lost at back of boat rigger  and same spoon 90 dn
7th fish was a Steelhead 60 dn on rigger in 220 fow
8th fish was a king that got off behind the boat spit the hook
9th fish was a Steelhead on the 150 copper with the Silver Streak UV spoon
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