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Muskegon 10/09 am
« on: October 09, 2011, 08:18:34 PM »
Terrible day on the water it was flat calm and warm hardly any boat traffic we did not manage to lose a single lure or even tangle a line. My crew threatened to leave around noon but realized their arms were too tired from fighting fish to swim back in so they were trapped on my boat. Sadly for them they had no time to drink the beer they brought nor munch on the snacks cause it was pretty much non stop action for 3 and a half hours till we limited out and came in. All in all a pretty fun day ended 15 for 20 8 Kings  7 Steelhead I would say what worked but the fact was everything we put down had fish on it Orange Killer on a 125 and 100 copper was the best on top but every rod we had out fired more than once. We landed back to back triples and a couple of doubles. Most of the fish were around 8 lbs but we had 3 Kings over 10 and a couple of 4 lb Steelhead. The box was heavy and full if you skipped fishing this weekend you really missed out everyone I talked to was pounding the fish.