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My New Toy
« on: January 08, 2014, 07:34:31 AM »
I got a Baofeng UV-82 handheld radio for Christmas OK I bought it for myself but hey guys we know we buy us the best gifts LOL. It is a dual band HT which is a nice survival radio since it can transmit on any UHF or VHF freg it can hear on. So first rule do not transmit it on illegal frequencies unless it is a actual emergency. I have mine currently Programed for all the local ham repeaters where I live as well as those in areas where I hunt and fish. It is also programed for all the Marine VHF channels for use on the boat. And the MURS channels the FRS channels the NOAA weather channels and the GMRS channels. I don't currently have a GMRS license but will likely get one but again in a emergency any channel can be used. This is a 50 dollar  radio so don't expect high end results or features but it works pretty good so far and you can buy better antennas for it which will increase it's range. I am looking at a roll up J Pole that will fit in my shirt pocket.  You will want to get  a programing cable for it because it is much easier to program with a computer and you can clone several of them to have the same channels.
It also has a FM radio and a flashlight so like I said it is a pretty good choice as a survival radio and I may get a couple more for the wife and family to use. I downloaded the CHIRP software  daily build  to program it( free download ) and bought a 6.99 cable to hook it to the computer.