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St Joe 4 11
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:49:36 AM »
Hitched a ride  with JD and Josh in St Joe Fished from a mile south to the Chalets 20 to 40 fow best action was 25 to 30 on a slight SW troll 2.2mph. Mini Streaks got pounded  UV  Veggie Delight took 4 Frozen Corn took a couple Sprint  car took a couple and Panty Ho took 1. Thin Fin Fire Tiger took 3 fish Deep Thunder Sticks took a couple. As did my old Wiggle  Wart  in Brown which Josh and JD  both said they would of never ran but it took 3 fish. All small to medium Coho til final fish which was a 7.5 lb Steelhead. Lost  6 or 7 threw one  back kept 15 first  trip of the year  for me and a limit catch so off to a good start.