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The boat saga continues
« on: September 28, 2014, 11:05:05 AM »
Not sure where to start but after 5 years of fighting with my old 350 I decided to upgrade the engine and bought a 383 long block. WMM agreed to install it for 1300 bucks. But my wife wanted to have it installed at the dealership and get it done right. So I called Joe at Hall's in Muskegon  and explained that I had a 383 long block being shipped in a couple weeks what would they charge to install it. He put me on hold so he could talk with Todd and get me a quote this was in July right after the 4th. He came back and said  it would be 850 for labor but would likely need a few more parts as they would not reuse any bad parts. I agreed and called to have the shipping address changed on my motor so the motor was being delivered to them. And  had the boat dropped off to them a week or so later while my new motor was being shipped. The motor was lost in shipment  so 3 weeks later a second motor was sent Fed Ex now it is early August but all my stuff is there except they now tell me it will be 1600 labor because they misquoted me. Fine I knew 850 was pretty low anyhow so just get my boat running so I can fish. I talked to Todd on Mon Aug 11th and he said they would likely have it done by the end of the week cool I am planning on fishing that weekend. Fri comes  and I call to find they have not even started on it because they had moved me to the rear of the schedule. But I was told it would be done the next week OK we have our final tourney that weekend so maybe I can fish it in my boat even if it means no chance to prefish in it. I take the day off work unpaid to pick up the boat only to find once again it is not done maybe next week they are now getting busy and whatever the excuses come in fast my fuel pump won't fit on the new engine so I must buy a new fuel pump and my circulation pump has a bad bearing so that must be replaced, Order more parts and wait another week. I call on Thur the next week and they say it is nearly done so I plan on picking it up on Sat by the way it is now Sept I call on Fri to check and they have it running on the stand and say it sounds and runs great cool. It will be done and ready by the end of the day. At 2pm they call and tell me my distributor is bad and I need a new one that they don't have in stock but they can let me use one til mine comes in so I call my wife and talk to her because my money is all spent and now I need to borrow from her to pay the repair bill which is about to get bigger. She says just fix the damn thing so I tell them to get it done and ask if I can still get it on Sat the answer is yes and I can bring it back in a week and they will swap my distributor. Sat comes  I pay the now 2600 dollar bill and head to the lake and the boat will not start the batteries  are OK it cranks and cranks but will not start. So I take it to my father in laws to park it and plug it in. While there I try and start it again and it finally fires up and sounds pretty good. SO instead of fishing I spend the weekend running around cleaning and reinstalling my fishing gear. I still have to break the engine in so I take a Fri off work and run to the lake again it cranks forever but does finally start. So I took it for a ride and it runs pretty good  but feels a bit weak on high end so may need to be rejeted or the timing may need a bump but I am running nearly 40mph and cruising at 32mph if the weather will let me it is time to try and fish next weekend. I get one more surprise when I come in the boat will not shift out of gear the interupter is not working so it needs to be adjusted. I take the next Fri off to prefish with my brother but he cancels thur night so I just played with the boat on Fri and Sun we hit it early for the Church Tourney. Again the boat cranks forever but starts and we are off we have nice midrange power and the boat sounds great. The engine has a little over 3 hours on it so my plan is to troll for short periods and then run and reset. 6am start time we leave and head to my first spot drop it to a idle and start setting lines and the boat dies. It will not idle under a load great just great we start it back up and spend the next couple hours running around the lake but every time I drop it to trolling speed it starts stumbling and missing. So our fishing day is over I am not happy I ordered a new motor in June and it is now the second week of Sept and it still does not run right. OK the fact is now I am pissed off we load the boat up and call it a day at 9am on the way back I hit a curb and broke a spring on the trailer so we spent the next 3 hours trying to fix it on the side of the road ended up just using cargo straps to hold the axle in place so I could tow it back. So I take another Fri off work to get the boat to Halls where I have a appointment to get the Dist replaced and the idle adjusted and the shift interrupter adjusted. At 8:45 Joe calls and asks why my boat is there WTF it is there because your shop manager told me you were going to finish it today. I told him that the front spring was broken and there was a new spring laying on the trailer but I had the wrong U bolts so I could not install the spring. I asked him to see if they had the right U bolts and call me back because if not I would run down the street and have a set made at State Spring and bring them up. At 1pm I called back and checked on progress and Joe told me they could not work on it because it had a broken spring WTF how stupid is this place he was the one I talked to about the spring at 8:45 this morning. He said not to worry about the u bolts they could get them in town so I did not need to make another 90 mile round trip to bring them a u bolt set.At 2:30 or about  I get a call that the distributor they bought was bad. Then they called and said it was a bad capacitor in the new distributor which they fixed but now my coil was bad and they would have to order a new one I told them to use my spare coil that was in the boat.  I called back at 4:30 but was told they would call me back by 5 I called back at 5:15 when they did not call me and was told they had gone home but would have someone call me right back. At 5:30 I get a call back saying they would not do just one spring that all 4 needed to be replaced. I asked  him if I brought the parts would 2 hours be enough labor and he said yes. On Mon I bought 4 new springs and went from 3000 lb to 3500 lb springs I also bought all new hangers and bolts and all new u bolts, and my wife took them up Tue morning. On Mon I called back to see what they had found on the motor and was told the mechanic called in sick. Tue afternoon I think they call me back the trailer is done and they water tested my boat and it runs fine but needs a smaller prop and my shift interrupter is bad. OK I am beyond pissed now because it clearly looks like they are just changing parts at random and have no clue what the heck they are doing. I tell them to not touch another thing I will be there Sat to pick it up and go over the mess. I get there Sat and no one is there they can't find all my old parts and my option is to pay the bill and leave with the boat or leave the boat. By the way I went and tried to start it and guess what it would not start. So it sits there still and the owner and I will be talking on Mon.